13 Gaun Pernikahan Unik & Aneh Ini Siap Bikin Kamu Melongo!
the beauty of the tourist charm of tanjung pasir beach tangerang banten

If you're on holiday in Tangerang, don't allow you to miss one of your favourite tourist destinations in town. Yes, there's Tanjung Pasir Bay Naga shore. Along with the attractiveness of the renowned beach, you visit Untung Jawa Island in the Thousand Islands. Curious about where this shore is? Here's an overview of the place and cost of Tanjung Pasir Bay Dragon Entrance tickets. More exactly the positioning of Tanjung Pasir Beach Teluk Naga is in Tanjung Pasir, Teluknaga, Tj. Or go into the district Teluknaga District, 50 Km from Tigaraksa. It's not tough to locate the speech of Tanjung Pasir Teluk Naga Beach. Since the distance from the Middle of Tangerang into the shore is approximately 25 KM. For the beach, if you're out of Tangerang town, start looking for the management of Soekarno-Hatta airport. The access street to Soekarno-Hatta airport is generally referred to as M1, even though the title of the road is Surdharma road. In the street, take the path to the north. Afterwards, over 5 kilometers from the place, there's a signpost to move towards Tanjung Pasir Bay, Naga Beach. Additionally, If You're out of Jakarta, Teluk Naga Sand Beach is also reached via a through street from Kapuk or throughout the Cengkareng marketplace, with smooth street conditions Entry Ticket Bargains on Tanjung Pasir Beach For all those who wish to go into the tourist region of ​​Tanjung Pasir Beach, you do not have to shell out too much, since you simply have to pay an entry ticket value IDR 15,000. Path to Tanjung Pasir Beach Location The access road to the Tanjung Pasir Beach area could be launched involving the Soekarno-Hatta airport (Soetta), the repat in the rear door is referred to as M1. After that, proceed to the trip to the north and about 5 kilometers to the place you will find directions resulting in Tanjung Pasir. But if you pay a visit to this shore, you shouldn't be too late once you go home, since the excursion from Untung Jawa Island is rather long. Visit Crocodile Breeding When you're on holiday in Tanjung Pasir Beach, you must stop first in Crocodile Farming as it's situated only about 2 kilometers from this shore. Even though there aren't any distinctive attractions from crocodiles, you can observe a variety of forms of crocodiles which range from moderate size and big size. Material if you're fortunate, you may observe the handlers feeding the crocodile. Interestingly it is possible to see the white crocodile in the breeding place. Java gain island If you arrive in the tourist website of Tanjung Pasir Beach that you will readily locate a passenger boat to crossover to Untung Jawa Island in the Thousand Islands area. The expense of crossing to Untung Jawa Island is rather affordable, which can be just IDR 50,000 each individual. This is where you will find a gorgeous beach, complete with white sand and super clean blue sea water. Additionally, be certain that you will feel the coolness of the atmosphere that's free from normal urban pollution

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the beauty of the tourist charm of tanjung pasir beach tangerang banten

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