Tidak Mau Diamputasi, Tasya Kamila Berusaha Melepas Cincin Pernikahan
tanjung kait tangerang beach tourism panorama banten

I Seen Tanjung Kait Beach at Tangerang by relying on GPS navigation. This beach is just one of those finish shores in Tangerang, 29.5 kilometers in the middle of Tangerang City. The road chosen from the GPS device isn't throughout the Town of Tangerang, but moves through the interior city toll. From there enter the airport ticket street, then depart the Dadap toll gate, then we trace the 23 km street around Tanjung Kait Beach, by passing Jl Raya Salembaran, Jl Raya Kalibaru, Jl Sukawati Village, Jl Tanjung Anom, then along the coast, past the home, and narrow streets in the midst of rice fields. After passing through the paddy fields, it wasn't long until the Tjoe Soe Kong Temple entry was visible on the ideal side of the street. In the gate of the historic old temple there's still a space of approximately 500 m for into the end of the street where you will find several stilt homes on the shore offering an assortment of fish. Tanjung Kait Beach with stilt homes made jutting into the ocean at which guests may enjoy the view whilst dining. Docks from entire bamboo stalks are used as moorings of fishing ships that are permitted to traverse the coast, or even to cross into Untung Jawa Island Entry cost at Tanjung Kait Beach Accessibility to Tanjung Kait Beach, you aren't charged a cent or free. So for all those who wish to have a holiday with a minimum budget and at a place not too far from your house, Tanjung Kait Beach is the correct destination. It's possible to pay a visit to this shore for 24 hours with no time limitation. This is particularly beneficial for those who wish to attend nighttime events like camping and bonfires with buddies. Trail to the place of Tanjung Kait Beach To see the shore on the shore of Banten that you are able to benefit from this inner city toll which will spare you away from traffic jams and additional shorten the length. If you're bewildered in visiting this destination, then you may use technologies using google maps that can direct you directly to the place of Tanjung Kait Beach. If You're a tourist from Jakarta, you can take advantage of those 2 paths below: Through Jakarta Throughout the 2nd choice Jakarta

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tanjung kait tangerang beach tourism panorama banten

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